We started business in 1998 with two contracts, one with VicRoads and one with Grampians Water.  Since then our client base has grown to over 200 organisations in a very broad range of industry groups and we are now proudly serving many repeat customers.  

The principle products of our business are Quality, Safety and Environmental systems for all industries, made simple.  This includes documentation, training and implementation, as well as internal auditing with no-nonsense and easy-to-use formats. We build systems that are only as big as you need.  (Most procedures are only 1 page!)

We also provide every type of audit or inspection that is required.  Safety Plan Reviews, Road Safety Audits, Compliance and Inspection Audits, Environmental Reviews, Major Project QA, OHS and EMS audits, you name it, we check it. 

Every single client of ours has improved their business (well except for two that went broke because it was too late!)  Seriously, most businesses have more than doubled their business with the assistance of our services,.......... they have!

And it's not just the civil construction industry we deal with.  Councils, Infrastructure authorities such as Roads, Water & Sewer Authorities, Electricity Networks, Electrical Contractors, Plastic Surgeons, Kitchen Manufacturers, Painters, Civil Engineers, Disabilty Service Providers, Rehabilitation Agencies, you name it, we'll deliver.

You simply must call us and have a chat.  If we can't help, we know who can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!