We have over thirty years experience in the development and implementation of easy-to-use integrated management systems (IMS) that are only as complex as the organisation they were built for.

With just three mouse clicks, with one of our systems you have found the document you were after.  Document control is made easy, that's what the computer is for!

We provide truly integrated systems for:
  • Quality (ISO9001:2015) 
  • Safety (ISO45001: 2018 or AS4801:2001 or OHS 18001:2008) 
  • Environmental (ISO14001:2015)

How would you like a system where most of the procedures are just one page in length? 

We have built management systems for organisations as big as 800 personnel and 34 sites, and even for a one-man operation.  

Each system has the same easy to use format, and is only as big as the organisation, not as big as "War and Peace".

The best part?  Our systems are not some fancy software you have to buy and keep paying us to update.  You already have the software (MS Word and Excel), we simply coordinate and link all the files into an easy to use package. If you already have some good documents that can be included, we will do that. There's no sense throwing out something that already works.

Don't spend $10,000 or more on complex systems (one of our early clients spent $75,000 on a system from another consultant, that they never used!).

The "Three Click" system

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