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by Roy Pentland on 06/01/18

As of the 1st October 2018, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) takes over jurisdiction from the State Road Authorities.

What is a "Heavy Vehicle"? In essence, if the combined mass of a vehicle and/or anything it is towing, exceeds 4.5 metric Tonne, it is a Heavy Vehicle.

As a minimum, everyone should take every combination of fully laden vehicles and trailers, to a weighbridge ASAP, and obtain dockets for each vehicle, trailer and combination. 

Do you really know what your 4WD/truck and trailer actually weigh when fully loaded, fueled up with a crew of three, tools, materials etc.?

We have developed this National Heavy Vehicle Law Program (NHVLP) so that organisations can assess whether it applies and, if so, implement the program to verify compliance to the Law.

The NHVLP is a template that is easily tailored to your business. It will result in  a management plan that is very specific to your scope of work and your vehicles (cars/trucks/trailers).

If you are even slightly unsure if the Law will apply, go and weigh everything. Call us if you need this program. Visit the NVHR website on the link below.

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